Bagel day

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So, today is Friday and what that means around the office is bagels and doughnuts for breakfast. While I used to anticipate Friday mornings so I can indulge in this very sweet ritual, now I dread it. How can I break this horrid routine as I listen to the others laughing and chatting over there breakfast as I smell the toaster giving off delicious aromas of cheese from the asiago and garlic from the everything bagels? Education of course! I know that bagels, although one of my most favorite and most missed foods of all time, are actually nothing more than round, white, void, processed, glutenous, insulin-promoting, and fat-producing little demons. I’m originally from the north and bagels are well, one of the basic food groups up there. That doesn’t make it ok to eat one it just makes it harder to break the habit. Especially now that bagels are 3X the size they were originally and are everywhere with just about everything to smear on or stuff into.
Bagels are made up of primarily white processed and refined flour. When wheat is refined it has been stripped of everything that was ever good and then some of the vitamins are put back or “enriched”. Be wary of that word. When flour is processed the body just doesn’t recognize it and processes it as a foreign object wreaking havoc on your body systems. When flour is processed it has absolutely no taste and therefore high fructose corn syrup comes to the rescue. Wheat is a carbohydrate which is the main fuel-producing substance in the body. However, when too much fuel is generated in the body the rest is stored as fat. Also carbs are sugar and sugar needs a hormone called insulin which carries it throughout the body. As more sugar enters the body more insulin is needed by the pancreas to carry this sugar away to cells. After time and lots of sugar insulin becomes resistant to this sugar almost like it’s “exhausted” and becomes less effective at carrying sugar away and helping your blood sugar levels to normalize. This insulin-resistance leads to one of the most chronic, destructive, and deadly diseases known to man and one of the most prevalent today: diabetes.
It is my opinion to stay away from the little demons called bagels and most of the nutrient-void “foods” filled with carbs such as all white bread, pastries, wraps, etc., and stick to stone-ground, whole-wheat breads. Better yet living breads such as Ezekiel. Learn how to make your own breads using funky different flours such as chickpea, kamut, and buckwheat.