Pink salt

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Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

If you haven’t yet heard of Himalayan pink sea salt than you’re not alone. Although it is fairly unheard of it is easily accessable; I see it at major grocery store chains where, well the salt is. The reason why we love this stuff is not only the flavor (a bit more strong yet not chemically tasting), but for the fact it contains all 84 trace minerals! It is also not processed by bleaching or some other unnatural and unsafe means (the high heat alone causes restructuring of the salt’s chemical structure). It’s pH closely resembles that of human blood therefore it helps promote pH regulation of all body cells. It’s also been known to: help regulate normal blood sugar
help food particles assimilate during digestion, promotes vascular health, helps libido, and supports respiratory and sinus health.
I’d say that’s more than enough reasons to make the switch and ditch the highly-processed, nutrient-less, and chemically-laden table salt in those cow salt shakers on your table. Besides it’s pretty.