These are some of my favorite links.  Make sure you check them out when you have some time.

You’ll never meet a more talented cutie and master chef.  Winner of Cupcake Wars on The Food Network her blog is entirely vegan and her recipes are fantastic.

Look no further to help you change your diet and reduce your meat and dairy consumption.  Packed with videos (watch at your own risk!), recipes, and the latest news it’s definately a one-stop vegan oasis.

True inspiration from cancer patient to health “warrior” and super star Kris Carr will set you straight with some green juice.

Full of recipes, interviews, news and more this popular blog is worth the visit.

Dairy-free desserts are becoming more mainstream and Fran Costigan has got them all.

Measuring bums and inspecting your poo is only a fraction of what this hot-tempered brit has in store.  Her boot camp will make you get off your arses and begin to look hot again.

Although he’s not vegan he is into REAL food and what he’s been doing for children and teaching them real food is simply phenomenal.

Extremely energetic and raw foodist his blog is chock full of fantastic recipes and funny videos that will help you learn how raw food works and what the heck superfoods do.

Her glowing green smoothie has been raved by many a celebrity.  Kim Snyder is a very popular personal chef and nutritionist to the stars, so she must be doing something right.

You will NOT find a shortage of all-vegetarian recipes on this blog.  Visit if you ever need some great dinner ideas.

Another well-run food blog chocked with outstanding recipes that are not only vegan but completely free of soy, wheat, and anything processed.

The wife and savior of Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me).  She has outstanding detox programs and lots of free stuff.

I really love Sara Snow!  She is a green-living expert and gives great advice.

This site is community run.  Tons of recipes and completely vegan.

You loved her in The Crush now see Alicia Silverstone’s more gentler side.

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